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Chtěli byste vědět, kde mají nejlevnější sekačku? Nebo něco jiného? Zkuste Srovnávač cen Ušetří Brněnské Veletrhy a výstavy? Kulturní město s bohatou historií? Pronajmout byt v Brně. Zažijte nezapomentulný zážitek a pořiďte si lampiony štěstí.

Statistiky hry zdarma

  • Celkem her: 991
  • Odehráno her: 1836322
  • Kategorie: 13
  • Uživatelé: 41
  • Článků: 1
  • Komentářů: 815

Name: BubbleQuod
Description: Addict yourself to this 50-level physics puzzle! You won't regret! Every tenth level is the bonus (special) one. Game task is to free yourself from the bubble in which you are imprisoned. The bubble can be pierced by a nail which is situated in the window. Logical thinking, skills and clearness of purpose will help you.

Category: Dobrodružné
Number of Times Played: 883



Name: Mushroom Revolution
Description: Build towers and enhance them with elements to defeat waves on enemies in this tower defense game. Over 20 tower types, each with a unique effect.

Category: Akční hry
Number of Times Played: 509

Mushroom Revol


Name: Red biplane
Description: This is remake of great classic game "Sopwith". You must destroy all the enemy buildings with your gun or bombs.

Category: Akční hry
Number of Times Played: 845

Red biplane


Name: Fashion Star
Description: A Dress Up game where you can impress the judges with your style choices!

Category: Hri pro dívky
Number of Times Played: 20985

Fashion Star


Name: BotCatch
Description: A fun physics-based game; catch the falling robots and save them from the flames!

Category: Akční hry
Number of Times Played: 567



Name: In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade - Part I: The Cell
Description: A Myst-style point-and-click escape-the-room puzzle adventure game with a dark, black-and-white look and moody music. Part 1 of 3

Category: Dobrodružné
Number of Times Played: 935

In the Footste


Name: Bowlec 3D
Description: For all Bowling Fans! Demonstration of new physics engine JigLib for PV3D. I have tried to implement official bowling rules, but if the counter is sometimes wrong (hopefully not), please don't judge me :-) The game seems to be running much slower on mochiads server. You can play it also on my server:

Category: Sportovní hry
Number of Times Played: 6887

Bowlec 3D


Name: Exact Change: Euros!
Description: Euros! Collect loads and loads of Euro coins! This game is a Euro coin version of the popular game Exact Change.

Category: Akční hry
Number of Times Played: 484

Exact Change:


Name: Run Run Fury
Description: Shoot the cops before they run you over. Gain achievements the more you play the game!

Category: Akční hry
Number of Times Played: 546

Run Run Fury


Name: Robot Depot
Description: Match pairs and build robots in this clever puzzle game!

Category: Hlavolamy
Number of Times Played: 965

Robot Depot


Name: Peek-a-boo
Description: Find matching aliens in this fun & Addictive casual game. The game has many challenges that are gradually revealed to the player. As the player becomes better many new strategies unfold to allow a higher score and lots of fun.

Category: Deskové hry
Number of Times Played: 908



Name: Carnival Star
Description: “Shoot out the Star” and more in this classic carnival game! This shooter is more about patience and skill than quick reflexes. Wield your fully automatic BB rifle to earn prizes in this updated version of the timeless game found in fairgrounds, midways, and carnivals the world over!

Category: Střílečky
Number of Times Played: 1642

Carnival Star


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